Our Story

Hello, Howdy, Aloha!
I’m Lindsay Woolf, Mother, Entrepreneur, Photographer & Animal Lover. I founded Woolf With Me ®, a kids' brand in 2014, Moose With Me™, a dog brand in 2021, and LLWOOLF Photography in 2006. I went to art school and majored in commercial advertising and portraiture. My family and I live by the sea with our dog Moose. The inspiration behind Moose With Me™. 

Why shop our brand? Our dog bandanas are made with 100% cotton & non toxic + eco friendly inks.

Why does that matter? No use of harmful chemicals & better for the environment. Now, that's worth telling a friend!

Our mission :: Honesty is the best policy, quality must not be sacrificed, keeping planet earth clean for future generations.

We ship products world-wide from California to New York and even places we can't wait to visit like Egypt, Belgium, Hong Kong, Dubai, Italy, Australia & Greece.